Sunday, 18 July 2010

New craft class feedback

Typical, arrived late for my new craft class.. not the best start and my nerves had kicked in, you never do know what to expect when you're doing something new... but it was great.  The project the group had chosen to do this week had complicated instructions which the group tried their best to follow (and I copied :-) .  I definately think it was an over complicated project which could have been instructed better, but anyhow... I think we all just sort of gave up once we got the mechanism working, it was some sort of pull sentiment type of folding card. Would have probably been lovely had we understood the instructions but after alot of relief we started stamping and colouring in with promarkers.... I was relived :-)  LOL so all in all I'm glad I went. It's a fortnightly class with challenges set inbetween so I think hopefully it'll be lots of fun.  My first group challenge is to make a butterfly themed card... I'll post the result soon! 

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